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.50 caliber sniper rifle bullet vs. the iPhone 5


Did you get your iPhone 5 last Friday?  Did you enjoy all the new features?  Isn’t it neat how it is lighter?  Did you SHOOT IT WITH A .50 CALIBER SNIPER RIFFLE!?  No?  What are you doing with your life…

So you  don’t have to, Rated RR did just this and recorded it for all of your YouTube viewing pleasures.  Watch this video  below to see the Tech Assassin take out his next mark.  Despite how light the new phone is, it takes the bullets surprisingly well – I was shocked.

While so many wait for their phone to ship to their homes / local stores, watch as this guy decimates that thing you want soooo badly with a Barrett sniper rifle.  I’m not quite sure Apple’s warranty policy covers .50 caliber rounds – bulls@#$ if you ask me.

Winner… bullet.  Lastly, don’t try this at home.  This guy had a desert.

[Gizmodo via YouTube]

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