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5 Popular Skyrim Mods


Were you one of those Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim players who laughed as all the plebeians amassed at their local gaming stores at midnight to pick up their console copy of one of the most anticipated games of the year?  Did you preload the game days before so as soon as your clock read 12:00 you were already riding that cart to your ‘death?’  Well PC Skyrim players, this article is for you. 

If you are into moding your game experience, below are 5 of the more popular mods to date for Skyrim.  In most cases, installing a mod requires just a simple copy and paste job of the downloaded mod into the data folder of the Skyrim installation.  Mods can have different installation processes, where you download that mod should tell you and a ‘readme’ file usually comes with the downloaded mod.

The data folder usually looks something like this:  [Skyrim installation folder]/Data/Interface    

5. Skyrim Better Performance – Allows you to play Skyrim on the best settings without lag.  Part of the beauty of Skyrim is well, the beauty of Skyrim.  If want to crank those settings and you don’t want to suffer from the lag of the alluring scenery, this mod is for you.

4. Display Time on Loading Screen – Syncs your computer time with Skyrim.  During loading screen you can see what the real world time is.  From my personal Skyrim experiences it is REALLY easy to lose track of time while in the world of Skyrim.  Now whenever you load new areas you have a better understanding of where your day went.

3. Lockpick Pro – Adds a bar to the top of the screen that shows where to pick the lock at.  This bar is color coated to make picking any lock easy mode.  This will save you on lock picks.  Master chests have never been easier.

2. Skip Bethesda Intro – When you start the game, the Bethesda logo does not appear.  This mod slightly confuses me, to skip the Bethesda logo would mean at some point you stopped playing.  Confusion.

1. Nude Females – I don’t feel like this mod needs any introduction.  These mods will ALWAYS exist and they will ALWAYS be popular.  Sometimes you just get what you expect.   This mod does, well, yea, what you think it does.

All thsese mods can be found on your favorite neighborhood mod site, like Curse.

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