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4th Server Opens for Lords of Evil

May 23, 2009

4th Server Opens for Lords of Evil

Ray Flame Entertainment Inc. announced today that they will be opening a 4th server called Wrathland for Lords of Evil, a browser based strategy game. With the success of the current three servers, Lords of Evil is quickly expanding to support the increase of new players. Ray Flame looks to provide the best gaming experience and welcomes new gamers to try Lords of Evil at

To celebrate the launch of the new server, Ray Flame will be giving gift packages to new players on S4-WrathLand during the week of the launch. Aside from gift packages there will be several events within S4-Wrathland to encourage new players and existing players to join. Events include a free gem refill for the top 20 players who purchase gems on S4-Wrathland, top 20 promoters of S4-Wrathland will receive 2000 gems, new package programs with up to 50% bonus gem rewards and much more to come!

Lords of Evil is a web based MMO strategy game released in October 2008. Since then, the game has acquired over 270,000 registered users. The game is set in a fantasy environment where players choose from 3 unique races: human, orc, or demon. Players begin building their empire by upgrading their buildings and skills and eventually creating combat units. As players progress, their armies and castles will grow bigger and stronger allowing them to occupy more area to build more castles. Lords of Evil features a comprehensive guild system, stronghold battles, and unique building/army development trees. Lords of Evil has been selected as the "Editor's pick" by several top gaming media companies such as

Additional events information can be found at


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