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3DS Sporting Pre-loaded Goodies, SD Slot, and Virtual Shop


Get ready to play around and tinker with your brand new Nintendo 3DS once you take it out of the box. Nintendo's upcoming handheld will come bundled with a number of pre-loaded features and games to keep you busy (or at least distracted) for a while.

You can put the Nintendo 3DS Camera to use and upload your pictures into Face Raiders which requires you to shoot at your face. (This should be fun for depressed gamers.) Additionally, the system acts as a pedometer while in sleep mode that earns coins for you to spend in select games. The Mii Maker will allow you to import your personal icons over from your Wii using an SD card, or you can create a brand new Mii character by taking a picture of yourself and having the system automatically generate an avatar.

Additionally, the Nintendo eShop will allow users to purchase DSiWare games, 3DS-exclusive titles, and classic Game Boy/Game Boy Color games. Players can watch videos or download demos, and purchasing the games will work the same as it does on the Wii and DSi shops.

Included with the 3DS is a 2GB SD card. In addition to transferring images using an SD card, users will be able to bring their DSiWare saves over to the 3DS using the system's SD slot.


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