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3DS Getting Netflix This Summer


During Nintendo's Game Developer's Conference keynote speech, Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, announced a partnership with Netflix set to bring their movie and TV downloading service to the platform this summer. Existing Netflix customers with unlimited streaming will be able to use Netflix on the 3DS similar to how they use it on other devices.

To separate Netflix on 3DS from the rest of the crowd, the app will also include access to 3D film trailers and a selection of short videos such as music videos and comedy acts. These will be selected by Nintendo, so don't expect anything too racy.

I have Netflix access on five or six different devices at this point, so the addition of the 3DS is a tad redundant. I imagine this is the case for other Netflix users, but the extra perks like 3D trailers could make all the difference. Who knows, maybe the 3DS will be the first platform to offer full 3D movies streamable through Netflix in the future. Now that would be cool.


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