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3DS Gets First Harvest Moon Game


The Harvest Moon series is headed to the 3DS in Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns. Pricing and launch details were not announced, but a press release from publisher Natsume revealed that the game would be available for both the 3DS and DS. Given the rate at which the Harvest Moon games hit shelves, we're unlikely to see The Tale of Two Towns out in time for the holidays.

As usual, gamers can cultivate their very own farm and tend to it throughout the seasons. Players can interact with other characters, pursue a romantic future, and join in plenty of town festivals. For anyone who hasn't played a Harvest Moon game before, think of it as FarmVille, only good.

Once again, an underlying plot drives this installment in the Harvest Moon franchise forward. As the newcomer in town, you're dragged into a vicious feud between neighboring villages. The citizens of each town think they can cook the tastiest meals, and they're determined to prove it. Okay, so the plot is pretty absurd, but it may make for a fun time--especially since you'll be participating in competitions to see just how well your skills in the kitchen stack up. You can expect a lot of interactivity with the other NPCs as you try to reunite the two villages.

Portable Harvest Moon games aren't anything new, and though the series has stagnated, 3D visuals may be enough to entice longtime fans and newcomers alike. There's no denying just how addictive these games can be, and when you start competing against your fellow villagers, it's easy to get caught up in the fun. Now let's just hope Natsume doesn't take too long to release a Rune Factory game for the 3DS.

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