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3DS Slide Pad Cometh, Pre-Orders Open in Japan


The day we feared has arrived. It's here. Well, sort of. If you're thinking of getting a 3DS Slide Pad and don't want to wait to hear more about the peripheral's North American launch, you can pre-order yours now.

According to Destructoid, currently has the horrific add-on available for pre-orders. There are also some other online retailers allowing gamers to purchase the Slide Pad. So if you're fluent in Japanese, by all means feel free to shop around. Sadly, I don't know a lick of Japanese, so that's all the help you'll get from me in terms of sources.

We still have no new leads on the North American release of the analog nub. We'll likely learn more about it in the near future, or whenever Nintendo decides to release a game that actually requires the Slide Pad on our side of the planet. Then shortly following that, we'll probably get the big reveal regarding the 3DS overhaul.

So, who's excited about the 3DS Slide Pad? Oh, I know you're all rushing to pre-order these bad boys! I mean, it's going to make your 3DS better! And you want your 3DS to be better, don't you?

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