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3DS Sees Crazy Sales in Japan Thanks to Monster Hunter 3G


Don't ever doubt the power of the Monster Hunter franchise, at least not in Japan. What is by far one of the most popular game series to date, and has been dominating the PSP in Japan for a while, has finally made its way to the 3DS, along with the bizarre yet interesting analog nub attachment.

And the outcome? Monster Hunter 3G sold 471,055 units in the first two days, and the 3DS had its best week yet selling 378,114 units. Talk about a system seller! With these sales numbers added to the overall amount of units sold, the number has passed the 3 million mark with a total of 3,237,272 units.

Monster Hunter has usually seen great numbers, but the 3DS version, especially considering since it requires the use of the analog nub attachment, really needed to do good, and with its crazy amount of units sold, it proves that Monster Hunter is still a dominating force to be reckoned with.

I know we have a few skeptics here at GameZone about the 3DS attachment, but I for one am fairly excited for it, especially since I'm a big Monster Hunter fan and playing with just one analog nub made the game 10 times harder than it already was on the PSP.

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