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3DS hits six million sales in Japan, Nintendo ecstatic (we imagine)


Nintendo is laughing all the way to the bank, people. According to Famitsu, the 3DS — the very same portable a lot of people were claiming would fail when it first launched — has surpassed the six million sales mark in Japan. That's a pretty big milestone, and you have to believe the Big N is stoked.

Media Create states that it took 52 weeks for the 3DS to reach five million sales. Now, as of May 20, the handheld has sold 6,017,206 total units. I repeat: Laughing to the bank!

Reports show that it took the 3DS 65 weeks to achieve the sales feat. Not too shabby for a system that the almighty IGN predicted was ultimately doomed to suffer the same fate as the Virtual Boy.

It's good to see the 3DS doing well, and hopefully those sales push Nintendo to localize some of the games that have received critical acclaim in Japan. Also, that eShop needs some fresh new digital content. Get on it, Nintendo!


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