3DS game Disney Magical World coming to North America in April

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Having just purchased a Nintendo 3DS, I'm, admittedly, not as well versed in all of the system's upcoming games as I'd like to be. One game which went under my radar is Disney Magical World, a new Disney-themed game featuring dozens of Disney characters from across the different Disney universes.

Apparently, it was first released in japan under the name Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life. Now it's being coming to North America on April 11. Being a Disney fanatic, naturally this has me excited.

Based on Nintendo's brief description, the gameplay sounds similar to that found in Animal Crossing. You can customize your character(s) with hundreds of Disney-themed outfits an accessories, manage a café, plant crops and collect Disney character cards. You'll be tasked with helping different characters solve problems or find missing items.

Disney Magical World will be available both in stores and in the Nintendo eShop.

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