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3DS eShop error '011-3051' pops up following today's update

eShop error 011-3051

As most 3DS owners are probably aware by now, a new update was released today bringing Miiverse and Nintendo Network ID to the handheld device. And while the new features are working as intended, it seems the update has caused a problem with the eShop.

Reported by GameInformer along with a number of other 3DS owners, GameZone can now confirm that there is an error when attempting to access the eShop. Upon opening the app, we were met with error code: 011-3051.

According to Nintendo, "This error code may indicate that the Nintendo eShop service is currently unavailable."

Well, yeah, I could've told you that. On the Network Status page, Nintendo explains "some parts of the online services are experiencing technical difficulties." This applies to both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Seems there's nothing to do but wait.

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