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3D Classics: Kid Icarus Australia Bound


Critical reaction to Kid Icarus has varied greatly over the past several years. Though the game was praised during its heyday in the NES era, it didn't receive the warmest welcome when it relaunched on the Wii Virtual Console. Though there was plenty of praise to go around, some individuals felt that the game didn't quite hold up to today's standards.

It's kind of a shame, too, because Kid Icarus was one of the most memorable games of the NES generation. And if you played the NES back in the '80s, you know just how many memorable games there were.

It seems Nintendo is still fond of nostalgia, though, and it's going to show that fondness by releasing Kid Icarus once more. The NES classic will be overhauled for the 3D Classics series on the Big N's current dual screen handheld. So far, the game has been rated for Australia, and the UK has a sweet promotion in store.

Kid Icarus will be given out for free if Club Nintendo members register two qualifying games before January 31, 2012. These individuals will also be entered in a special drawing for a free limited edition Mario-themed 3DS system. We know Kid Icarus will come to North America, but let's hope this awesome promotion comes along with it.

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