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343 Industries unveils Halo 4 achievements list


Gamerscore junkies, unite! 343 Industries have finally unveiled the full list of achievements for their upcoming blockbuster, Halo 4. The fourth installment in the Halo series will feature 50 achievements, many of which follow the same path that Bungie laid out with the first three games. The campaign will feature set “cheevo’s” after completing each mission, regular mission-centric objectives, and the beloved online “upload a file” achievements.

“Our primary goal when creating Halo 4’s achievements was to reward milestones and increase replay value while balancing both difficulty and the breadth of game modes. Our secondary goal was to live up to Halo tradition with weird ass names for some of them (hello, The Dongblainer!). While you will only be able to speculate on the exact nature of some of these achievements, here’s a peek at their very basic in-game descriptions.”

Halo 4 Achievements

We don’t want to spoil anyone’s Halo 4 love, so we’re simply going to link off to the official page where you can view the entire list of achievements at your own will, but be aware, spoilers DO abound.

To view the entire list of Halo 4 achievements via 343 Industries, click here.

Source: [343 Industries]

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