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343 Industries shows off two Spartan Ops missions - 'Land Grab' and 'Sniper Alley'

Spartan Ops Episode 1 Land Grab Gallery_small_08-27-12_spops-landgrab-06 Gallery_small_h4_spops_landgrab_02 Gallery_small_08-22-12_spop-ep1mi2-sniperalley_02 Gallery_small_h4_spops_sniperalley_1 Gallery_small_h4_spops_sniperalley_3

Microsft and 343 Industries have released a new batch of screenshots showing off two of Halo 4's Spartan Ops missions: 'Land Grab' and 'Sniper Alley'.

For those who haven't been keeping up, Spartan Ops is a separate, episodic adventure that follow the Majestic Squad aboard the UNSC Infinity. Each week, five new Spartan Ops missions will be delivered to Halo 4 players for free. The missions will continue for a total of 10 weeks during season one, and are expected to add up to 12 hours of gameplay in addition to what the Halo 4 campaign already offers.

The screenshots today seem to give us a look at two of the first five missions that will be delivered week one.

The first three images are of Spartan Ops Episode 1.01 - Land Grab. There isn't any description to go along with them, but one of the images was titled "Episode 1, Mission 1 - Quarry map". Although we have no idea what it's about, it looks like it entails some action-packed sequences with the Warthog.

The second three images are of Spartan Ops Episode 1.02 - Sniper Alley. This looks to take place on the same desert map, but rather inside of a base, or at least defending a base. Once again, there is no description with these, so your guess is as good as ours.

Halo 4 is set to release on November 6, but we don't yet know when 343 Industries will launch the first series of Spartan Ops missions.

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