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(#31) Mythril Ring [Talk to the commander] | FFXIII-2 Fragment Guide (Bresha Ruins 300AF)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragment Guide (Bresha Ruins 300AF) 

#31 Mythril Ring - Sidequest: Talk to the commander 
In the southeast corner of the southern Bresha Ruins (300AF), you'll find Thurston, who thinks it would be an awesome idea to blow the ruins to kingdom come. He needs us to talk to the commander, who is researching this awful, awful idea. 
Go back out into the Bresha Ruins overworld, and near the stairs in the southeast corner of the map, you'll find the Commander hanging out. Talk to him to obtain the Commander's Report.
Return with the report to Thurston, who will confirm that he is a moron, and hand over Fragment of Time #30 - the Mythril Ring and 400 CP.
Topics Covered
-Where to find Thurston
-Where to find the Commander (Talk to the commander sidequest) 
-Where to find the Commander's Report
-How to get the Mythril Ring Fragment
-Finding all missions in the Bresha Ruins 300AF area
Items Found
-Mythril  Ring Fragment
-400 CP (Crystarium Points)
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