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3 players recreate BioShock's Rapture in Minecraft

BioShock Minecraft

Three members of Hungercraft -- Kevin, Stewie and Jake -- have recreated the city of Rapture from the first BioShock game in the Minecraft universe. In a truly impressive feat, the three of them built the entire city inside a giant, obsidian cube and then replaced all of the three million air blocks with water blocks -- something that crashed their server 15 times. 

The trailer below blends the beginning of BioShock with their creation, using sound effects and music from the actual game. About half way into the video, FPS General talks with the three creators about how they went about building Rapture in Minecraft, including texture packs and what went into getting the look right.

The Minecraft map recreating Rapture will be released on January 19 for players. 

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