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2Moons She is Aloken Game Update Released

October 2, 2009 

2Moons “She is Aloken” Game Update Released


Massive 2Moons update featuring a brand new character class, weapons, items, and interface!


Acclaim Games announces the highly anticipated release of the “She is Aloken” game update with tons of new content for 2Moons, a free to play, extreme action, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) for PC that is set in a deadly futuristic alien landscape.    


The update will include the new majestic Aloken class. Alokens are tremendously skilled hunters and their strengths are focused upon dexterity and spirit (They’re also pretty hot). Wielding spears with crushing accuracy, this class of character should strike fear throughout the community with their impressive assault and attack skills.


But the patch is more than just the emergence of a new battle class. Included are a number of player demanded upgrades to the user interface system, including the raising of the current amount of quick slots, skill shortcut slots, and opacity control for the in-game maps. And there’s an entire new area aptly titled “Doom” that’s adjacent to the Dead Front dungeon, an area not to be explored by the weak of heart.


Two new system features have been included as well: There’s a new auction system and a key adjustment system. Players now have the freedom to set in-game shortcut keys however they wish, and can enter the auction lists through the in-game NPCs.


The update will allow the 2Moons community of players to have a fresh gaming experience within an upgraded interface, whether they are adventuring as a new Aloken hero, wielding a spear of light… or just desperately trying to slay one.


2Moons is a free to play adult MMORPG targeted to hardcore gamers who want to experience an epic story, intense fighting action, and extreme violence. Players can register, download the game, and play for free by visiting


2Moons: “No mercy for the weak, no pity for the dying, no tears for the slain.”


2Moons Goes Global!


2Moons is now immediately available and free to play for all Gamers around the world (and on most other worlds, except for those Players residing in China, Japan and Korea).




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