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2K Sports respond to WWE 2K16 fan backlash

"Divas Revolution" they said...

Many WWE fans have been left outraged at 2K Sports' failure to deliver many of the company's best Divas, ahead of the WWE 2K16 video game launch. 

Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Bayley - otherwise known as the "Four Horsewomen" - will not only be absent upon the game's release, and gaming developers have confirmed that they won't be available as downloadable content in the future. So much for a "Divas revolution," huh. 

Criticism is one thing, but what the WWE Universe seemingly wants is answers... so 2K Sports released the following official statement:

"With our final roster reveal this past Monday, it was awesome seeing the excitement for The New Day, Enzo and Cass, Mikey Whipwreck, and more. But it was clear that some in the community are frustrated by the lack of the newer Divas added to the main WWE roster recently."

For those that haven't followed the story, after the departure of former Divas champion AJ Lee there was a pretty big gap in the Divas division. So, WWE took advantage of recent media coverage surrounding women's sports and subsequently promoted three (of the four below) from NXT, to the main roster. This transition has been branded the WWE "Divas revolution" for quite some time, and guess what? They are not in the new video game, period. To cut a long story short, the fans are not happy. 

"We pushed as hard as we could to include Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley in WWE 2k16, but it simply did not work out for various reasons. While we are not divulging full details on WWE 2K16’s post-launch plans just yet, we can confirm that the Four Horsewomen will not be available as DLC."

2K Sports respond to WWE 2K16 fan backlash

"We are proud to have and built the largest WWE roster to date featuring the most Divas ever. The WWE 2K16 disc includes all of the Divas on the main roster at the time we locked it in (13 playable in total)."

"We all agree the Divas Revolution is great for business and look forward to celebrating the Divas even more in future WWE 2K titles."

This news has certainly proved saddening for many wrestling fans, to which some have taken to social media to echo their response: 

And one wrestling fanatic offered a rather funny solution to a potential Divas shortage... 


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