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2DS actually consists of one screen split in two


Today Nintendo announced a new spin on its 3DS handheld that has yielded a lot of mixed reactions. The 2DS can play both 3DS and DS games in 2D, and it comes at a cheaper price: $130 as opposed to $170 or higher.

Some fans are wondering why Nintendo nixed the clamshell design. The 2DS doesn't close shut.

Well, apparently the 2DS only contains one screen — the case only makes it look like two. The model consists of a single touch screen, but a plastic protector covers the top half. This was a cost-cutting measure that, along with the removal of 3D, makes the handheld much more affordable.

The design is kid-friendly but reportedly feels comfortable in adults hands as well, which makes the 2DS a good option for gamers of all ages.

Source: Nintendo Life via US Gamer

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