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2D Minecraft-Like Game Terraria Hits Steam Today


Yesterday, developer Jeremy "Blue" Guerrette announced that his new game Terraria would launch on Steam today. The game features retro 2D visuals and tons of customization options. Terraria has drawn comparisons to Minecraft, with the main exception being the game's 2D side-scrolling gameplay.

Judging from the lengthy gameplay trailer, Terraria looks like a solid side-scroller, and that's not even counting the edit functionality. There's plenty of platforming, combat, and leveling up to keep the action RPG crowd engaged, and the customization features should please gamers who like putting their creative mettle to the test. Additionally, doing some exploration rewards players with cash, accessories, and other items, many of which can be used to adorn their custom levels.

Terraria can be played alone or with friends, and it definitely looks like the type of experience that you could probably sink a bunch of hours into with others. Worlds are randomly generated, so you can expect to see different levels and enjoy a great deal of variety. And with all of the potential behind the user-created worlds, there's likely to be a ton of content in no time.

Currently, Terraria doesn't feature Steam Achievements, but because Guerrette is taking on this project using the same model that Minecraft did, a host of new features will release with time through free content updates. You can purchase a digital copy of Terraria for $9.99 or get the game's four-pack for $29.99. If you've got the cash and are interested in Terraria, head on over to Steam and snag a copy (or four).

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