(#26) Osmium Ring (Find the missing assistant) | FFXIII-2 Fragment Guide (Bresha Ruins 100AF)

Fragment Location Guide | (#26) Osmium Ring

Bresha Ruins (100AF) - Find the missing assistant
Standing at the north entrance to the Bresha Ruins catacombs, you'll find the Professor. Seems he needs some analytical data from his assistant, though the man has seemingly gone missing. Accept the mission, then head off into the ruins behind him. 
In the ruins, there's an area where three paths meet. You should see a figure glowing yellow. Use Mog's Moogle Hunt ability to reveal the assistant: Lester. Talk to him, and he'll hand over the Monster Analysis Report. Return this item to the Professor, and you'll be rewarded with Fragment of Time #26 - the Osmium Ring, as well as 1000 Crystarium Points. 
Topics Covered
- Where to find the Professor
- Where to find the missing assistant (Lester)
- Where to deliver the Monster Analysis Report
- How to get the Osmium Ring fragment
Items Found
- Monster Analysis Report
- Osmium Ring Fragment
- 1000 CP (Crystarium Points)
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