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$25,000 can get you the complete SNES collection

snes collection

If you're wondering what an entire US Nintendo SNES collection costs, the answer is $24,999.00. EBAY seller kaisetsuna is selling this collection that one can only describe as impressive. According to his seller notes, he built the collection from used game purchases. The conditions range from fair to nearly mint. Each game comes with its box, and about 85% of them have their manuals as well. There's a huge list of the games included in the collection, starting with 3 Ninjas Kick Back to Zoop.

The description from the items page is:

You are bidding on a complete set of every North American Super Nintendo (SNES) game ever released. This set is the result of half a decade of collecting.

I was limited to only 12 images, but I actually have 42 images at higher resolution:
You can view all of the images here:

All 721 games sold at retail in the United States, Canada and Mexico are included.
Also included is every single box ever released. Note that Mario-All Stars+World, Super Scope 6, and Miracle Piano did not have individual game boxes.
Also included is 605 unique game manuals, comprising 84% of all manuals. I have approximately half of the rarest manuals here, but you can see specifics below.
Also included are 400-700 white box inserts, 400-700 white usage instruction booklets, 400-700 Nintendo Power advertisement cards and posters, 300-500 registration cards, and 100 or so posters.
Also included are 26 duplicate games, 15 duplicate boxes, and 50-100 duplicate manuals.
What is *not* included is any not-for-resale, unreleased, and unlicensed games.
Please see the list below for the full inventory.

This set was built by purchasing used carts, instructions and boxes from countless sellers. The conditions of each item vary, as indicated by the below list.
I have made an effort to ensure that the most desirable carts have intact labels. Any boxes that had seriously damaged front or back artwork were replaced. This is where most of the duplicates come from. But by no means is this a pristine set. We are talking about used games more than 20 years old. There will be creases, there will be folds, there will be finger smudges. The list below shows you the conditions for each item I have.

I have made an effort to clean the set to the best of my ability.
Any stickers were carefully removed with a hot air gun from boxes, and with isopropyl alcohol from cartridges.
I've removed any magic marker writing from cartridges with isopropyl alcohol and light detergents.
I have manually cleaned every single game's PCB contacts, and tested them to ensure the games were fully working.
I've tested every battery terminal with a multimeter and replaced any dead batteries that I could find.
There was little I could do about existing damage to items, and yellowing caused by UV exposure.
Please see the pictures in the imgur gallery, they are exactly what you will be receiving.

I am located in Columbus, Ohio and I am open for local pick-up. Serious buyers may stop by to inspect the collection prior to purchasing it.
Payment method is up to the buyer: Paypal, payment on pickup, etc. My only condition is that payment must clear my bank prior to me releasing these games.
Local pick-up is preferred, especially so the items can be inspected by the buyer. But I will ship via freight at the buyer's expense.
In all, this set comprises about four crates and 400lbs.

If you purchase this set, GameZone would like to interview you. This set is every gamer's dream, and I'm curious to see if he can get $25 thousand for the collection in today's economy.

What do you think of the collection and the price he's asking? Are you impressed by it? Do you think it's worth $25 thousand, or that he can even get it? To view the bidding, click HERE.

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