24/7 sports action coming to Xbox One in 60 frames per second glory

Xbox One (Console) Screenshot - Xbox One TV

Sports fans that own Microsoft’s Xbox One are in for a treat thanks to NeuLion.

The television-programming group has inked a multi-year deal with Microsoft to produce a sports application that broadcasts 24/7, with hopes to eventually provide live, streaming sporting events.

NeuLion added Wednesday that its technology will be able to broadcast high-definition video at 60 frames per second and at a bitrate 6Mbps, though seven different bitrates will be offered to blanket varying bandwidths.

In addition, media outlet Multichannel is reporting that NeuLion is already working on a 24/7 streaming of the NFL Network as part of the new deal.

A timeframe for launch of the service was not specified.

Source: [GameSpot

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