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2016 Pokemon World Championship will allow the latest X/Y- Steam Siege TCG expansion

Tournament contenders will now be able to step up their strat before the championship

The Pokemon World Championships have just announced they will be allowing the use of the upcoming TCG expansion in this year's tournament.

This Fall, San Francisco will host the 2016 Pokemon Trading Card Game/Video Game World Championships. After a recent amendment to the rules on regulation decks, its been decided that any expansion to the TCG will be eligible for tournament play as of the third Friday after its initial release.

Top players will get a chance to build winning strategies with the latest Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion after a change to the rules and regulations regarding eligible expansions at Pokémon TCG tournaments. Look forward to seeing how the top players build their decks and adapt to the latest challenges that arise in XY—Steam Siege!

X/Y- Steam Siege will release on August 3rd, which means it will be eligible for league play as of August 19th, just in time for the tournament, which runs August 19-21.


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