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2016 iPad Game of the Year, Severed, comes to Nintendo Switch eShop

Severed is an artistic, touch-based game with RPG, Action and Adventure Elements

Severed Nintendo Switch

Since Nintendo introduced the Switch back in March, they've been consistently adding new and exciting titles to their eShop on a weekly basis. While some games may be older arcade classics, other are remasters and on a rare occasion, you may see a unique new title. In any case, the Switch's library continues to grow and today it just grew by one more.

Severed, a first-person dungeon crawler and the 2016 iPad Game of the Year, is now available on the Nintendo Switch. The game puts the player in the role of Sasha, a warrior with only one arm who uses a "living" sword to defeat enemies. The game is deceptively simple, yet complex in both story and how deep the game goes in terms of gameplay, with elements of role-playing in combination with action and adventure elements. The game has already been released on a few other devices, namely the PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS and as mentioned before, iOS (iPad and iPhone).

Created by DrinkBox Studios, the team behind the fun Guacamelee, Severed is a unique, touched based game, which is to say, that as far as we can tell, you can only play Severed in handheld mode. To illustrate that point, you can see in the game's launch trailer below, it starts off by showing the Switch in handheld mode, using your finger to make the slicing action, before zooming in to show the detail of the beautiful art style, thus leading us to believe that there will be no TV out mode.

Severed is available for $15 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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