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Sunset Overdrive's enemies look to make your traversal difficult


Posted by: Matt Liebl

In Sunset Overdrive, the best way to navigate through Sunset City is through a series of dynamic traversal techniques. As if the vertical design of Sunset City weren't enough to master, Insomniac Games is also throwing quite a few enemies at you that are "experts" at blocking your traversal paths. Thankfully, today's Sunset TV episode details a few of them.

Gunkers: Shoot liquid nitrogen globs that crystallize into spikes usually along grind paths. If you run into them, you'll take damage and be knocked off your path.

Muggers: Lightning quick and brutal, Muggers perch above you and strike down on your location with a powerful bounce.

Wingers: Flying creatures that are extremely mobile and can attack you regardless of your position. They have the ability to shoot out a wave of fire and sending out a group of smaller creatures to hone in and damage you.

Other topics discussed in this week's video include the ability to swim and how you can acquire ammunition for your weapons.

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