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Here's the Minecraft: PS4 Edition Remote Play button layout for Vita


Posted by: Matt Liebl

With 4J Studios still having "a bit more work to do" on PS Vita version of Minecraft, the only way to play Mojang's hit sandbox adventure game on your handheld is through the PS4 with Remote Play.

Minecraft: PS4 Edition isn't technically out here in the United States yet, but it's coming today -- sometime before 3:00pm Eastern. And when it does arrive, you'll be able to play the game free from the shackles of your couch and television (provided you have a reliable internet connection and an actual Vita to play on). 

Thankfully, folks overseas have had access to Minecraft: PS4 for a few hours now and apparently someone who has tested out Remote Play was kind enough to post the button layout on the PS Vita. Everything looks groovy to me, but what's really neat is how certain key functions assigned to the actual tactile buttons are also mapped to certain portions of the Vita's touch screen. Pretty cool.

While we're on the subject of Remote Play, feel free to check out the button layout for Destiny on Vita. It's releasing for PS4 next week.

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