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Brave Frontier marches the Moonlight Parade for unique items and spheres


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

From now until September 10th, Brave Frontier players will be able to participate in the Moonlight Parade. There’s nothing quite like a stroll under the moon in a fine mid-autumn setting. Head over to the Vortex and get a gathering.

The purpose of the Moonlight Parade is twofold, to gather materials to make unique items and spheres. Through the levels in the Moonlight Parade, you’ll receive Moonlit Essences, Spice Pouches, Moon Bugs, and Miracle Drops. Use these to make:

  • Lunar Treat - Replenishes HP for 3 Turns
  • Mooncake - Sufficiently replenishes HP
  • Crescent Dew - Revives one ally from KO status to 75% HP

Not tooo bad. The main goal is to be able to create the Mystic Lantern. This bad boy boosts atk, def, rec, and HP by 15%. You’ll also have a slight crit rate improvement. Make this in the Synthesize House in town.

Best of luck crafting these items in the next few days. 

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