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League of Legends' Final Boss Veigar skin unleashed. You're gonna need some more quarters


Posted by: Matt Liebl

What happens when you repeatedly call Veigar the "Tiny Master of Evil"? He goes out, gets an old Nintendo Power Glove, and returns to Summoner's Rift more evil, more powerful than ever before. He returns as the Final Boss Veigar.

With all those arcade skins, it's about time they've got a boss to fight. Just don't call him short.

Here's his message to players.

How does it feel to have your own game turned against you? I’ve twisted the game code itself into a weapon. I’ve even ripped into the website! Tell me that I’ll never be more than a “mini” boss… Nobody can stop me now! Not those pathetic arcade characters, not the programmers, not the players. Nobody!

I’ll drop data blocks onto their heads. Cage them with code ripped from the mainframe itself. I’ll obliterate you all and grow stronger with every kill! League of Legends is my game now! Do you hear me?! Mine! I am Final Boss Veigar!

If only they had two extra players to complete the five-man Arcade team.

Final Boss Veigar is now available in the League of Legends store for 1820 RP. Want really feel like you're in an old 80s arcade game? Pick up the Arcade Baron Icon for 250 RP. 

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