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Meet the Fargarths, Sunset Overdrive's group of LARPers


Posted by: Matt Liebl

While playing Sunset Overdrive, you'll likely come across some strange factions throughout Sunset City. As we learned back in June, factions are specific groups around that city just trying to survive -- and along the way you'll help them out.

Today's Sunset TV episode features the Fargarths, a group of live action role-players who were playing a module in Sunset City's Central Park when the mutant outbreak happened, resulting in many of them being slaughtered by the OD. 

"Naturally, this is a little emotionally scarring for the survivors so their reality gets twisted," explained Insomniac Games' Brandon Winfrey. "So they've set up what they call the Kingdom of Fargarthian at a local community center and they live out a 12th-century fantasy where the mutants are some type of medieval scourge."

Despite their mental instability, the Fargarths are "really good" fighters that actually have the ability to create something that'll help you escape Sunset City.

"You assist them and along the way try to help them break free from being shackled to this fantasy world outlook on life to actually being able to face the dangerous reality of the situation," Winfrey added. Helping these factions through sidequests will not only provide you with backstory, but other rewards as well.

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