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Vortex Arena: Electronic Showdown is opening soon in Brave Frontier to capture Storm Wing Cerise


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Bang, bang. Or would Storm Wing Cerise’s gun make more of a zapping sound? Only one way to find out I suppose. That’s right, if you reach the “Worship Rank” in Brave Frontier’s Vortex Arena Electric Showdown, you are guaranteed your very own Storm Wing Cerise. I have to admit, I’m digging the art on this one. The whole mix of the duster, googles, and cyber wings… she has a whole steampunk thing going on.

While the Vortex Arena Electric Showdown is up in game, it’s not yet accessible. That fact that it is up already tells me that it’s coming up later. If you attempted the fire dungeon, you know you have to grind the hell of this thing to get all the rewards you want. Best of luck!

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