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Borderlands 1, 2, The Pre-Sequel awesome deals on Steam until August 25


Posted by: Tatiana Morris

Have you been looking for a reason to pre-purchase Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel? The reason may have found you.

If you already own Borderlands or Borderlands 2 on Steam and it isn't past August 25, 2014 you will recieve a 10% discount on your pre-purchase of The Pre-Sequel!

That's not all though!

Your pre-purchase will come with the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit. The Slaughter Pit is basically a challenge to defeat waves of enemies for loot and experience. Not bad for extra content.

Let's say that you played Borderlands, but never really saw a reason to get in on Borderlands 2. Well, it's free to play on Steam until Sunday, August 24 at 1PM PST. If you fall in love with the game right then and there, BL2 Game of the Year Edition and add-ons are 75% off on Steam!


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