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Six minutes of Bloodborne gameplay on PS4


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Couldn't make the trip to Cologne, Germany last week? Well, you missed out on a chance to play Bloodborne, the highly anticipated action-RPG by FromSoftware, exclusively on the PS4. 

Fret not, because Sony has released a six minute gameplay video of the same demo you would've played at gamescom. Also, here's the actual Bloodborne gamescom trailer that was also released last week.

It's about what you'd expect from FromSoftware: horrific enemies, giant bosses, and brutal action filled with lots of gore and fantastic-looking blood. Now far be it from me to compare and contrast Bloodborne with Dark Souls, but it appears as though this game has much quicker feel to the controls. There's also the whole transforming weapon thing. Gameplay aside, the plague-ridden streets of Yharnam look like a fantastic setting that I can't wait to explore.

What do you think? Does Bloodborne looks like an easier Dark Souls?

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