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SOE's next game could be an FPS MOBA set in WWII


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Introducing the H1Z1 keynote, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley talked a bit about the roots of the upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie-survival MMO. As a result, he might have also revealed the company's plans for a new game -- a World War II, FPS, MMO, MOBA. Yup, take that in for a second because it sounds... interesting to say the least.

"We actually started this game back in December of last year [2013]. We were working on something that we hadn't been announced yet," John Smedley said. "It was a game called Sterman Drong [Editor's Note: It's a bit unclear exactly what Smedley calls it, but this is my best interpretation] which is a World War II FPS, MMO, MOBA, that we're going to be going back to after we finish this." 

MOBAs are pretty much a dime a dozen these days, so I'm not too surprised that SOE would explore the genre. Still, the notion that they would mix it with an FPS format sounds intriguing. Smedley didn't say when the company would return to the project, but right now it seems they have their hands full with getting PlanetSide 2 to PS4 and H1Z1 into early access. So don't hold your breath for whatever this new game could be.

Check out the full H1Z1 keynote below. The part about the new game takes place around the 9:00 mark. Have a listen and see if maybe you can understand the name.

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