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Microsoft may have accidentally leaked some Gears of War info


Posted by: Jake Valentine

Are you ready for an all new Gears of War? If you own an Xbox One, I'm willing to bet the answer to that question is a "hell yeah!" If you're looking to buy an Xbox One, I'd bet you'd be itching for some Gears.

If you don't have any desire to own an Xbox One then, well, I don't think this news is for you.

It is, however, for fans of the Gears of War franchise. It turns out that they may get a chance to celebrate this November. Hardcore Gamer picked up an interesting screenshot of an Xbox Twitch stream.

Microsoft may have accidentally leaked some Gears of War info

Sadly, there's no way to check past broadcasts on the Xbox Twitch channel, but a simple Google search for "gow_reprecussion" brings us this:

Gears leak?

As Hardcore Gamer mentions, the video description says "embargo 11/7/14." That's the Friday before the Halo: Master Chief Collection is released. It could be a gigantic coincidence, of course, plus announcing a game in November seems a bit, well, odd, but then again Uncharted 4 was announced last November, so who knows. 

Gears of War fans will undoubtedly be keeping their fingers crossed for some good news later this year. 

[Hardcore Gamer]

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