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gamescom 2014: Sony announces Share Play for PS4


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Sony has announced a brand new feature they will be rolling out with PS4 system update 2.0. It's called Share Play, and it will give PS Plus players the power to invite friends to play games with them, even if their friend doesn't actually own the game. It sounds a lot like what Sony is doing with Ubisoft on Far Cry 4, except without the two-hour limit.

According to Sony, Share Play will allow any PS Plus member to: 1) invite any friend, anywhere, to take turns playing any of your games with you; 2) invite another PS Plus member to play together in the same session cooperatively or competitively. What's really special about this is, your friends do not need to own or download the game. 

Now it's worth pointing out that we still don't have all of the details of Share Play, so there could still be some sort of catch, but right now it sounds awesome.

Other features arriving in the new PS4 update include an intuitive friend finder and the ability to upload shared videos to YouTube.

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