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What a night for a Puzzle & Dragons Ocean Dragon Knight


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Have you been waiting for the next of the Puzzle & Dragons Dragon Knight series to come out. Wait no longer my draconic friend, for today is just that day you’ve been longing for! The charming queen of guile, Cleopatra, now is in existence.

This Dragon / Balanced unit is a water type who uses a poison type attack as her active skill. Cleopatra’s leader skill is x2 attack for dragon and balanced types. She’s only has a six-star form so take that for what you will.

Her dungeon also has Water Sprites, Sharulu, and Waron which can be used to level up Andromeda and Sun Quan – so that’s an option if you have them. Beeeeeeest of luck!

Tags: Puzzle & Dragons, GungHo Online Entertainment

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