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Brave Frontier’s fiery Inferno Showdown enters the Vortex Arena


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

It’s time to turn up the heat in Brave Frontier! Coming out today, the Inferno Showdown is hitting the Vortex. This is a special PvP Vortex Arena event that goes from today to the 10th. You better believe there is a slight kicker here. This entire arena event is for fire type units only. If you have that all six-star fire team sitting on the bench, it’s time to liven up the ole flames. If not, well, best of luck?

Entering this arena will take one Vortex Arena Orb. These orbs recharge every 20 minutes so go to town! Winning will gain you Tournament Points (TP), losing will lose them. By reaching milestones, you’ll get more and better rewards. So get out there already!

According to the update, as of now the Vortex Arena should be up, I personally don’t see it yet 12:00 EST.

Tags: Brave Frontier, event

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