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Evolve delayed to February 2015


Posted by: Mike Splechta

If you were gearing up to take four buddies along to take down a giant monster in a deadly environment later this year, you might just have to wait a bit longer. Evolve, the latest game coming from Turtle Rock Studios, who previously developed the Left 4 Dead games as well as a few Counter-Strike titles, looks to be delayed until February 10, 2015.

Evolve is the first major title for the studio ever since Left 4 Dead, and will pit a team of four players, against another player, who controls a gigantic monster, capable of taking down the entire team, if they don't coordinate with each other.

Take-Two's First Quarter Fiscal Report shows that Evolve's release date is February 10, 2015, which can be seen below.


Well, at least we have a next-gen port of GTA V to look forward to right?

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