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Xenon & Estia Unit #8036 now drops in Brave Frontier’s Prologue Vortex mission


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

How far did you make it up those pesky cursed towers in Brave Frontier? Did you reach floor 200? Did you collect both Xenon and Estia individually? You better have. You won’t be able to run the “Xenon & Estia Prologue” without both of them in your party. Yes, IN your party. So if they are both level 1 it could get rough. Luckily, the three floors of this dungeon really aren’t that difficult. Even the final boss of the combo unit Xenon & Estia isn’t too challenging, especially compared to their cursed versions.

So yea, complete the three levels of this prologue dungeon to get the combo unit #8036 at the end. Not tooooo bad of a deal. On top of that, you’ll receive a gem for doing it… soooo, do it. You’ve gone as far as to collect the two separately, finish the job!  This event is going now and ends July 28th at 23:59 PST.

Also… you can collect a new evo material used to evolve Xenon & Estia to their 5 star form. There is ALSO a new units based off their previous forms. So yea, farm it a bit and see where it leads you.

Best of luck!

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