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Bravely Default breaks 1 million sales, leaving many Final Fantasy titles in the dust


Posted by: Austin Wood

Square Enix’ 3DS JRPG Bravely Default recently broke the one million sales mark, putting it far ahead of many entries from the studio’s flagship IP Final Fantasy, Dengeki Online reports.

Total sales, including digital sales, are split between 400,000 in Japan and 600,000 overseas, Square told Dengeki. This is seven-digit throne is one many newer Final Fantasy titles, particularly Final Fantasy 13-3: Lightning Returns, have yet to scratch. The game launched in Japan in 2012 but only hit Europe in December 2013 and America this past February. 

Default released to such overwhelmingly positive feedback that Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda said the studio would revisit their JRPG philosophy in order to better serve the genre’s fans. In addition, Bravely Second, Default’s bluntly dubbed sequel is already in the works.

For more on Bravely Default, head to our review, which calls the game an innovative return to the glory days of JRPGs. Still need more? Our own Jake Valentine also has a list of reasons you should check the game out.

[Dengeki Online via Polygon]

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