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Players are invisible in FPS Screencheat, must find one another by looking at opponents’ screens


Posted by: Austin Wood

You may have fond memories of playing the original GoldenEye on Nintendo 64, packed onto a couch with a few friends in splitscreen. Developer Samurai Punk almost certainly does, so much so that they’re making a game based on that competitive and awkward spirit.

Enter Screencheat, a first-person shooter with a mechanic strange enough to give even Superhot—a time-bending shooter that ties bullet paths to player movement—a run for its money. Everyone is invisible in Screencheat, meaning the two to four players in its splitscreen multiplayer will have to rely on their opponents’ viewpoints to locate anyone.

This mechanic is the core of the game, and as a result, even online multiplayer will feature a multi-screen setup. Of course, good old fashioned couch co-op seems to be the ideal way to play.

Samurai Punk is aiming for eight weapons, five maps, and six game modes—standard FPS fare aside from wild cards One Shot and Murder Mystery—for Screencheat, which is currently slated for release on Steam


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