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People are taking Battlefield Hardline's delay quite well


Posted by: Jake Valentine

Battlefield Hardline has been delayed until 2015. The internet has been reacting quite favorably. 

I know, this is usually the opposite reaction when an awaited game is delayed, but the thing is that Battlefield Hardline wasn't really awaited in any capacity. The game's beta was a complete wreck and people still have a foul taste in their mouths from Battlefield 4. Could the extra time in the oven make Battlefield Hardline a tasty treat? It's possible. For now, it's nice to see people showing signs of optimism.

"Well that's good that they're going to miss out on the holiday schedule to polish up the game, unlike another battlefied we know ;)"

"Good. The beta looked like DLC for BF4. I can't believe I'm typing this but...

good job EA"

"It sounds as if the beta testers found the experience too hollow. Good on EA and DICE then for delaying it to beef it up rather than shoveling out what they thought would be a passable game."

We're living in a world where people are applauding Electronic Arts, folks. Anything is possible.

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