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I currently prefer the PS4 to the Xbox One for the dumbest reason in the world


Posted by: Jake Valentine

As the video game community continues to debate about which console is the "best" between the Xbox One and PS4, it's already been decided in my house.

The reasoning, however, is completely dumb. 

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Okay! So, my TV set is, well...

It's not the best in the world to put it bluntly. It does, however, output HD, so for that I guess I should be thankful. The catch, though, is that it doesn't do anything higher than 720p, so all of those arguments about resolution and such don't matter to me. What does matter is how I turn on my console.

If I want to turn on my Wii U, I simply turn it on, put my TV to the proper HDMI input, and enjoy. If I want to turn on my PS4, I turn it on, put my TV to the proper HDMI input, and enjoy. If I want to turn on my Xbox One, I turn on my Wii U, put it to the proper HDMI input, then say "Xbox on," turn my TV to the Xbox One's HDMI input, and hope I get to enjoy.

Now, I'm not exactly a technical wizard, so I'm not 100% sure why my TV and Xbox One don't get along. Perhaps it has something to do with the console constantly being in a state of standby as the Kinect listens. Perhaps my TV was turned off by the Xbox One's early policies. Honestly, I don't care what the reasoning is. I still get to play my Xbox One despite going through several hoops.

I'm lazy, though. Sometimes I just want to boot up a quick game or launch Netflix. Recently, I've been doing that with the PS4 more than often. I've marathoned almost all of "30 Rock" and it's just easier to do it through the PS4. I'm always down for a quick sports game and it's looking like I'll pick up Madden 15 on the PS4 due to ease of access because, again, I'm lazy.

There you have it. My crappy TV has ended the console war in my house for the dumbest reason in the world. 

Jake might be lazy, but that doesn't mean he doesn't tweet a lot. You can follow him on Twitter @hop3less.

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