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Bungie cuts 'That wizard came from the moon' line from Destiny


Posted by: Matt Liebl

That wizard no longer comes from the moon. Today, the beta for Destiny launched on PlayStation, and one of the first noticed changes as a result of the alpha test a few weeks ago appears to have been the removal of Peter Dinklage's infamous line expositing moon wizards.

The removal of the line was first posted about by CVG in a video detailing the before and after of Dinklage's dialogue delivery in Destiny. "That wizard came from the moon" line can be heard at 0:38.

The new dialogue sounds a bit closer to a final version, with some vocal effects added to make Dinklage sound more like an AI. It helps, but I still think he sounds bland and boring. With Destiny's beta underway we'll have more coverage of the highly anticipated MMO shooter in the coming days, so stay tuned.

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