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GTA 5 releasing for PC in November, according to retailer


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Back in June, we learned that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be releasing for PC (along with Xbox One and PS4). Unfortunately, all we got at the time was a vague "Autumn" release window. Of course, autumn spans quite a few months -- one of them being October which is quite possibly the busiest month we've ever seen for video games. So the big question is whether or not GTA 5 will hit before or after October. 

According retailer CoolshopGTA 5 will be released for PC (and likely Xbox One and PS4) in November. The Danish retailer lists the game for release on November 14. It's possible that this could be a placeholder, but it's worth nothing that this date is a Friday which is when games tend to release in Europe. It's also interesting that since PC Gamer's original report, the retailer has since changed the date to a more generic December 31. 

If the date is correct, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it is (why else would they change the date?) then we are looking at a November 11 release in the United States. Of course, until Rockstar Games officially announces anything then treat this as a rumor.

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