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Two hidden dungeons appear in Brave Frontier for the month of July


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Is this Brigadoon is it? This isn’t Brigadoon. However, two hidden dungeons have appeared out of nowhere for the month of July in Brave Frontier. The first one is in Mistral and it’s called the Egor Mountains. Here you’ll find the dreaded ice/woman/golem abomination known as Skramya. Over in Cordelica, right above the rainbow, you’ll find the dungeon known as Ignia Cavern. Here resides the Grand Jelly for you to attempt to take down.

Are you brave enough to take on the unknown? Are you even a match for Skramya and the Grand Jelly? Take them on today and see if you have what it takes. Check out the images below to see these tricky location on the maps.



Tags: Brave Frontier, event

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