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Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire remakes include Pokémon dress-up


Posted by: Austin Wood

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire will introduce a feature fans of the series have requested for years: Pokémon fashion.

New scans from Japanese magazine CoroCoro (thanks, Serebii) show a stylish Pikachu done up in everything from “Madam Pikachu” attire to “Hard Rock Pikachu.” Also seen on the catwalk: Lucha Librè Pikachu, University Pikachu and Ballerina Pikachu.

No other Pokémon have shown up in their evening wear, and neither Game Freak nor Nintendo have confirmed whether clothing customization will be available for additional Pokémon, or whether outfits will be shown during battles.

On the other hand, CoroCoro’s newest issue does reveal that the Omega & Alpha Pokedex resembles a Game Boy Advance, presumably to pay tribute to the original Ruby & Sapphire. In addition, player bases will include the option to establish “Battle Rules,” allowing base owners to effectively establish their own gym by choosing battle formats.

A new Mega evolution, Mega Metagross, was also recently confirmed for Omega & Alpha. Additional Primal Pokémon have yet to be shown. 

[via Kotaku

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