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Fan pirates Skullgirls and accidentally tells developer Lab Zero


Posted by: Matt Liebl

The strangest thing happened to fighting game fan "Dan Hibiki" while playing Skullgirls on PC. After beating the story with both Para and Cere, he received a popup notification that said: "What is the square root of a fish? Now I'm sad."

Naturally, he took to Twitter to let the game developers know of the bug. Little did heknow that the message was actually something that only those who pirated the game would see.


Both sides actually handled the situation quite well, though I'm sure "Hibiki" was pretty embarrased for being called out. At one point, he even claimed to have already owned the PS3 version of the game and simply downloaded it on PC as a "[try before you buy] thing."

"Dan Hibiki" eventually went on to admit to accidently telling Lab Zero that he pirated Skull Girls, and what's cool is that the gaming community actually helped him out by purchasing him a copy of the game. Multiple copies actually.


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