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TerraRising Pre-Event bursts into Puzzle & Dragons


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Nono, that isn’t an earthquake you feel. Nor is it Final Fantasy VI’s main female protagonist taking to Esper flight. What you’re feeling, is the TerraRising Pre-Event event in Puzzle & Dragons. The ground trembles and tears asunder at the arrival of two descend dungeons.

Today, you’ll find the Dragon Zombie dungeon arrives. Take on the master or legendary difficulty in hope said Dragon Zombie will drop for your capture needs. It is a great unit for a Green Sonia team. Then tomorrow 7/9 take on the Gaia Descended dungeon. As one of the few grass type attackers, she can fill the void on that rainbow attack team you’ve been trying to put together.  

Best of luck in these dungeons and best of luck with drop rates. Heads up though, the zombie dungeon is dragon only. So.. you know, I hope you got dem dragons.

Tags: Puzzle & Dragons, GungHo Online Entertainment

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